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Hi all,

I think some of the discussion below is a bit confusing

In my scope of work, we refer to paying for access as 'transit' and if
it's free access to someone else' network - we refer to it as 'peering'.
If we have a BGP running with someone - just refer to it as 'bgp
session' - and this bgp session can be either paid or free :-).

So, from that definition- you can't ride over someone else's Layer3
network to 'peer' with someone else. You generally buy raw or layer 2
capacity and run the Layer3 yourself in order to peer at an IX.

for a gulf-wide IX and peering environment to succeed, I'd be more
interested to look at what transport providers are present across the
countries. I think this also refers back to Timo's like about not enough
capacity on the link.

WRT KSA, now if there are more than one international gateway, it makes
sense for a domestic traffic exchange.


Timo Liuska wrote:
> Hi again,
> My answer wasn't particularly clear, thanks for correcting Mr. Osama. My
> earlier response was about the plans for national IX here in KSA. STC
> has indeed the MEIX -project, but at least so far they haven't been able
> to provide enough capacity there to make it useful, so at least ISU is
> not peering over that link currently at all. 
> Best regards,
> Timo
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> Timo Liuska <tic at isu.net.sa <mailto:tic at isu.net.sa>>
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> On Jul 31, 2007, at 11:15 , Osama Dosary ((dosary)) wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I used to work in the Internet arm of STC, and as far as I know STC
>> doesn't have any plans to peer with gulf ISPs. They have already setup
>> what they call "Saudi Internet Exchange", but they are really selling
>> transit traffic to the middle-east. I believe that most of the gulf is
>> now connected.
>> With regards to CITC, their plans don't include Gulf peering,
>> especially when that means that the content control for Saudi Arabia
>> will be bypassed.
>> Since the ISU function (as an International Gateway for Saudi) has now
>> been integrated into STC, the doors are now open for the two new
>> competitors to do International peering (ITC and Bayanat,) so they
>> could potentially peer with the gulf.
>> Does that answer your question?
>> */Regards,/*
>> */Osama I. Al-Dosary/*
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>>     Hi,
>>     There has been indeed discussions about building a local internet
>>     exchange ever since the local ISP's could select where to get
>>     their international capacity (around last Ramadan). Before that,
>>     KACST/ISU was effectively acting as an internet exchange in Riyadh
>>     and Jeddah. As far as I know, CITC is one of the key parties in
>>     the decision process who is going to build it and when. So far I
>>     haven't seen any final decisions about it, but hopefully they'll
>>     get the decision done quickly.
>>     Best regards,
>>     Timo
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>>     Timo Liuska <tic at isu.net.sa <mailto:tic at isu.net.sa>>
>>     Senior Network Consultant, Nixu Middle East FZ-LLC
>>     Network Operations Center / Internet Services Unit
>>     *King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology*
>>     On Jul 26, 2007, at 21:26 , Kais Al-Essa wrote:
>>>     Hello all,
>>>     It was interesting to attend the 1st MENOG meeting in Bahrain.
>>>     I'm looking forward to such annual meetings.
>>>     One of the interesting topics for me as an ISP Technical Manager
>>>     is Peering Points.
>>>     During the meeting, I didn't see any single initiative about a
>>>     peering project in the Gulf. However, I've heared about some
>>>     attempts or projects, but was unable to get anything solid.
>>>     Therefore, I'm sending this e-mail to the group in order to
>>>     enquire if anyone knows for sure about any peering activities
>>>     between Gulf Countries for Internet traffic and if there is
>>>     anything going on with Saudi Arabia in particular. I personally
>>>     heared that STC is working on something soon, but again, nothing
>>>     was solid and I was unable to obtain clear information.
>>>     Regards..
>>>     Kais Al-Essa, Founder and Operations & Technical Services Manager
>>>     Sahara Net
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