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Personally, I would not favor Saudi for a regional exchange. Too many
restrictions and not enough competition to derive the way forward. Bahrain
(aside from it being my country) would be a natural choice I think. Though
Saudi involvement would be key to success for the whole region.







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There has been indeed discussions about building a local internet exchange
ever since the local ISP's could select where to get their international
capacity (around last Ramadan). Before that, KACST/ISU was effectively
acting as an internet exchange in Riyadh and Jeddah. As far as I know, CITC
is one of the key parties in the decision process who is going to build it
and when. So far I haven't seen any final decisions about it, but hopefully
they'll get the decision done quickly.



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Timo Liuska <tic at isu.net.sa>

Senior Network Consultant, Nixu Middle East FZ-LLC

Network Operations Center / Internet Services Unit

King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology



On Jul 26, 2007, at 21:26 , Kais Al-Essa wrote:

Hello all,


It was interesting to attend the 1st MENOG meeting in Bahrain. I'm looking
forward to such annual meetings.

One of the interesting topics for me as an ISP Technical Manager is Peering


During the meeting, I didn't see any single initiative about a peering
project in the Gulf. However, I've heared about some attempts or projects,
but was unable to get anything solid.


Therefore, I'm sending this e-mail to the group in order to enquire if
anyone knows for sure about any peering activities between Gulf Countries
for Internet traffic and if there is anything going on with Saudi Arabia in
particular. I personally heared that STC is working on something soon, but
again, nothing was solid and I was unable to obtain clear information.




Kais Al-Essa, Founder and Operations & Technical Services Manager

Sahara Net



 <http://www.sahara.com/> <image001.jpg>



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