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akamal at gpx.ie akamal at gpx.ie
Fri Feb 8 15:24:56 GMT 2008

I can cover Kuwait media coverage for you. That should not be a problem at
all, I know lots of journalists there and I am sure they would love
covering our Menog 3 event. Other than Kuwait, what is the campaign layout,
plans, coverage, and if there is any, budget? kindly advice. 
--Abeer GPX

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From: Fahad AlShirawi fahad at 2connectbahrain.com
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 16:48:46 +0300
To: menog at menog.net
Subject: [menog] MENOG 3

Dear All,


I'm not going to invite you to MENOG 3. To invite you to the event would
entail that it is mine and that you are strangers. One cannot invite people
to their own home and MENOG 3 is your home. What I will do is I will ask you
to kindly be nice. 


We are a hospitable people. Would you PLEASE be true to your nature and
invite all your contacts to this event?


Come on guys, I know it's fun and I know we all enjoy it and get a lot of
business out of it. Not counting all the learning. But more people coming
won't make it any less fun or less useful. INVITE PEOPLE! J


Okay, that aside, we are about to launch a very aggressive campaign for
MENOG 3 including lots of media outlets. I was wondering if anyone would
like to volunteer for taking care of that aspect for MENOG J



So, any takers?




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