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Landrush refers to the period of time where registrations in a TLD are open to the public. Most registries, during their launch, run a period or successive periods of Sunrise which are designed to protect the rights of governments, trademark holders, etc. Once Landrush starts, depending on the registry, it's generally first-come-first-served for name registration. DotAsia is a bit different in that its Landrush is a set period of time and that multiple, qualified applications for the same string during this period will be allocated via auction and not first-come-first-served. For information about DotAsia's Landrush program, see http://www.registry.asia/pressreleases/DotAsia-PR-Landrush-2007-11-30_EN.pdf.  For information about DotAsia's Sunrise periods, please see http://www.asia.asia/info/DotAsia-launch-2007-07.pdf.

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Can someone better address the TLD landrush?

"We are ready for something big. All of our people and systems are in place and we look forward to the commencement of the .asia landrush" (DotAsia Orginization)

BBC says .asia will go live March and also adds

      Once it starts, there's far less protection for companies' trademarks and its open season on the .asia domain name for cybersquatters, online speculators and competitors.

Can our ICANN fellow compadres give insight into TLD (.me .asia etc etc) & how can our companies not get under the stampede for such landrush.

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