[menog] need remote hands - Jeddah/KSA

Jim Mercer jim at reptiles.org
Tue Apr 7 09:25:09 GMT 2009


I am looking for references for some remote hands, primarily in Jeddah,
but also possibly Riyad and other KSA locations.

- car (not totally required, but would be helpful, we can pay taxi fares)
- laptop
- mobile with skype/gtalk chat capability (not totally necessary)
- good/fair english skills
- ability to tell the difference between a switch and a router
- ability to tell difference between a red LED and a green LED
- ability to actually show up at the time they say they will show up
- ability to actually show up on the day they say they will show up
- ability to recharge mobile phone
- ability to keep mobile phone credit above 10SAR on a daily basis
- ability to click green button on mobile phone when it is ringing

as you can tell, i'm a little unimpressed with the current person doing
remote hands for me in Jeddah.


our requirements right now are infrequent, and we will pay on a per-incident
basis, until volume increases, at which point we may consider a retainer.

the budget for this item is not huge, so no need for Cisco certification or
10+ years of experience.

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