[menog] MENOG 4: Thank you

Fahad AlShirawi fahad at 2connectbahrain.com
Wed Apr 15 14:13:49 GMT 2009

Hi All,



I would like to thank everyone for making the MENOG 4 (combined with the
RIPE NCC Regional Meeting) in Bahrain such a success.


The meeting as a whole got lots of positive feedback. There were
approximately 90 attendees from 17 different countries despite the economic
conditions and the limited travel approvals from a lot of regional
companies. A list of attendees is posted at:



Presentations are available at:



An overview of all the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting/MENOG 4 sponsors is posted



If you are interested in sponsoring again in the future please contact us at
menog-sec at menog.net.


Details of upcoming MENOG meetings will posted at:



Thanks once again on behalf of the MENOG organistation team. We hope to see
you again at a future MENOG Meeting!







-    On behalf of the MENOG 4 Organisers




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