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Gaurab Raj Upadhaya gaurab at lahai.com
Tue Apr 21 04:38:36 GMT 2009

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Kiyam Kadir wrote:
> the country I am in is Iraq and we do have all necessary licenses. all I
> am looking for are satellite operators and providers who can transport
> my data point to point to UK, US, Germany and anywhere in asia pacific.
> from each teleport I will lease terrestrial lines to connect me to the
> nearest local exchange and peer or pay transit services into the
> networks of that continent.

You might be hard pressed to find a single provider who has beams
extending both into US East coast, and Asia Pacific Rim. There are a
few, who work in tandem to provide global coverage. From Iraq, europe
would be the easiest to get access to.

Apart from Intelsat, Telenor, Gilat, Loral, TATA, PCCW, Singtel are all
there in that space. You may also want to talk to IP transit providers
if your needs are somewhere in the 20-30 Mbps range per destination.
Most often, they have existing contracts with satellite owners to get
the right beam to you. It's all dependent on pricing/benefits and the
support you get from the providers. good luck.

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