[menog] New Team Cymru Service: Fullbogons

Ian Cook ian at cymru.com
Mon Apr 12 17:45:48 GMT 2010

Title: New Team Cymru Service: Fullbogons
Author: Steve Santorelli
Source: Team Cymru
Date Published: 12th April 2010


'....Team Cymru is proud to today launch a significant addition to
one of our most popular and important community services:

The new Fullbogon feed includes prefixes allocated to RIRs, but not
assigned by the RIRs to end-users, ISPs, etc, providing a more
complete view of the unassigned space that should not be seen on the

This new service is therefore more granular than the original feed,
including a wide variety of non-routable prefixes as well as
unassigned prefixes and it also includes IPv6 prefixes.

It is offered at no cost to the community and the original feed is
not going anywhere so you can stick with it if you wish. The new
feed is being made available via the same methods as the original.

Simply email bogonrs at cymru.com with your ASN, peering IP addresses
and whether you use MD5 authentication.

See an overview in the 46th episode of Team Cymru's 'The Who and Why
Show' at www.youtube.com/teamcymru, as well as a more basic overview
in Episode 12.......'

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