[menog] Peering / IX Bof @ MENOG6

Salman Al-Mannai SMANNAI at qtel.com.qa
Fri Feb 26 18:45:35 GMT 2010

Many thanks Mehmet for bringing up this very important subject, as matter of fact; that was one of the first subjects presented in the MENOG (specifically MENOG-1 in Bahrain: even though it did not directly address the peering via IX-IX), I know Qtel has good experience in this field and is well established all over the world, the objective was to improve customer experience, perhaps Faisal Babu who is CCed in this e-mail can elaborate on this kind of experience.

Via this strategy Qtel has reached unprecedented maturity in the region and has a highly advanced localized contents aggregation and management.


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I am trying to organize a Peering / IX BOF @ Riyadh MENOG6 which shouldn't
exceed 2 hours combined.

I would like to invite all the exchange points in the region to give updates
on their improvements? New peers? Feel free to send me an email with the

Exchange points who have members from middle eastern countries are also
welcome to come and provide information on how countries can connect? And/or
some stats regarding the traffic originated to/from Middle East region. (Not
to exceed 5mins~)

ISPs who have presence in exchange points are also welcome to provide
updates and discuss plans regarding their expansion and perhaps join of
other exchange points

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions..


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