[menog] Four recent IPv4 /8 allocations - please update your filters

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Thu Jun 3 21:22:09 GMT 2010


The IANA IPv4 registry has been updated to reflect the allocation of four /8s in recent weeks. Firstly, two /8s were allocated to RIPE NCC in May 2010:

31/8    RIPE NCC   2010-05   whois.ripe.net   ALLOCATED	
176/8   RIPE NCC   2010-05   whois.ripe.net   ALLOCATED

Secondly, two /8s were allocated to LACNIC in June 2010:

177/8   LACNIC   2010-06   whois.lacnic.net   ALLOCATED	
181/8   LACNIC   2010-06   whois.lacnic.net   ALLOCATED

You can find the IANA IPv4 registry at:


Please update your filters as appropriate.

There are now 16 unallocated unicast IPv4 /8s.

Kind regards,

Leo Vegoda
Number Resources Manager, IANA

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