[menog] IPv6 routing

Hesham Soliman hesham at elevatemobile.com
Fri Mar 12 12:52:10 GMT 2010


If you're interested in IPv6 you could take a look at Mobile IPv6 tutorials
to get an idea and if you really want to get deep knowledge you can read RFC
3775 first then the rest of the mobility RFCs.
There are several online tutorials and books available. Simply google
"Mobile IPv6 Turotial"


On 12/03/10 7:25 AM, "Umair Mansoor" <umairbinmansoor at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dear,
> Since the wireless revolution took place, there has been a lot of active
> research in the area. As a somewhat distant observer of the new research going
> particularly in IPv6 and IP routing in general, I am curious to know how the
> routing issue for a roaming, fixed IP (WiMax/3G) client would be addressed.
> Would it not affect the hierarchical structure of IPv6? Among the prospective
> solution (that I have come across so far), apart from VPN, would be Locator
> Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP). Kindly comment on this...
> Regards,
> Umair bin Mansoor          
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