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Thanks to all..

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Dear Umair,
For roaming using a fixed 
IP on WiMax with systems that are in service now, one should use 
the MobileIPv4 standard which involves 3 nodes: Mobile Client, Foreign Agent and 
Home Agent. The Foreign Agent is normally part of the WiMax ASN Gateway, and 
many WiMax ISPs are providing this service already. On IPv6, mobility has a 
different architecture and it does not need the Foreign Agent. IPv6 
implementation is quite late for fixed networks, and even more late 
for mobile networks.
An excellent tutorial that 
covers important aspects of IPv6, including mobility, is at: http://www.6deploy.eu/e-learning/english/index.php 
As for LISP, which is a draft 
IETF protocol, I think it is trying to solve the issue of IPv4 routing table 
growth with the shortage of IPv4 addresses and numerous /24 IPv4 address 
assignments that lead to routing issues. IPv6 is designed for mobility and 
simpler routing tables, has a practically infinite pool of addresses, and 
should be able to work well in mobile setups with its current protocol 
That said, I am glad to see 
Hesham Soliman's contribution on this topic as he is an authority on 
Mobile IPv6 and has written a book on the subject, check it out on 

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Since the wireless revolution took place, 
  there has been a lot of active research in the area. As a somewhat distant 
  observer of the new research going particularly in IPv6 and IP routing in 
  general, I am curious to know how the routing issue for a roaming, 
  fixed IP (WiMax/3G) client would be addressed. Would it not affect the 
  hierarchical structure of IPv6? Among the prospective solution (that I have 
  come across so far), apart from VPN, would be Locator Identifier Separation 
  Protocol (LISP). Kindly comment on this...

Umair bin 

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