[menog] ADSL Service Provider Bandwidth Forecasting

chebaro at ogero.gov.lb chebaro at ogero.gov.lb
Sat Mar 13 20:31:52 GMT 2010

Dear Mr Kadir,

Let us talk about the downlink requirements (uplink requirements will be almost fourth of the downlink requirements but normally this does not matter if you intend to use symmetric channels in which case the uplink part of them will be under utilised but that's all):

1) First of all, determine the Average Subscribed Speed (if you have 10000 Subscribers with let say: 4500 Subscribers in the 128Kbs class, 2500 Subscribers in the 256Kbs class, 1500 Subscribers in the 512Kbs class, 500 Subscribers in the 1Mbs class, 500 Subscribers in the 2Mbs class and 500 Subscribers in the 3Mbs class, then the Average Subscribed Speed will be almost 498Kbs).

2) Use a contention ratio of 1/20 which leads for an Average Subscribed Speed of 498Kbs (as an example) to a Permanent Bandwidth Requirement per Subscriber of approximately 30Kbs.

3) Multiply the Permanent Bandwidth Requirement per Subscriber by the number of Subscribers: Continuing with the same example this equals 30Kbs x 10000 = 300Mbs (almost 2 STM1s).

Do pls follow the three steps above taking into account the real number of Subscribers in the different classes of Subscribers that you mentioned.

Best regards,

Toufic Chebaro, PhD
OGERO IT Director.

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