[menog] EMIX experiences?

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Mon Mar 21 20:41:52 GMT 2011

On 2011-03-21, at 16:32, Richard Barnes wrote:

> I'm wondering impressions people have of EMXI.  I can't tell from the
> their website whether they're an exchange or a transit provider.
> Their website says that they facilitate peering, but it's not clear to
> me how that works -- can I talk BGP directly with my peer, or does it
> all go through EMIX?  Is there additional cost per peer?

My information is a number of years old.

My understanding is/was that EMIX is the wholesale arm of Etisalat. It's not an exchange point in any conventional, layer-2 sense; rather it's one of the few (perhaps the only) transit provider in UAE who is licenced to provide international Internet service. This has the side-effect of keeping UAE-sourced traffic local since everybody there winds up being a customer, one way or another.

The EMIX people I worked with back in the day were knowledgable and efficient.


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