[menog] Microsoft offered $7.5M for Nortel's IPv4

Ahmed Abu-Abed ahmed at tamkien.com
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Appreciate the correction as IANA back then was simply Jon Postel. 


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  ARIN rules could be difficult to impose on pre-IANA blocks; Nortel had IP addresses before IANA and ARIN came into existence, so this may go to court if ARIN wants to block it. But Microsoft could have a right to ask for these addresses as they are into cloud services which needs a lot of IPs, so ARIN may agree. And IANA records shows Bell Northern Research, later part of Nortel, was assigned its own /8 block in January 1991.

No, they may predate ICANN and ARIN, but they do not predate IANA as IANA predates IP addresses. 

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