[menog] New Arabic TLD and idea's popularity

Tom Paseka tom+menog at cloudflare.com
Sun Oct 27 16:20:15 UTC 2013

Hi Ahmed,

I've had a look through CloudFlare's customers and we see thousands of
IDN's, but this is nothing compared to what exists in pre-existing
romanized domains.

For a pre-existing company to move to a IDN, or any new domain in general,
they have to revamp their presence, re-market to everyone to make sure they
visit the correct address. I assume this isn't an easy task.

I suspect you'll see new starters coming out from the get-go with an IDN,
but it'll take a while for the existing content to start adoption.


On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 1:54 AM, Ahmed Abu-Abed <ahmed at tamkien.com> wrote:

>   ICANN is in the news with the new شبكة  TLD, see
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24637673
> I am yet to see Arabic TLDs widely implemented, although most browsers are
> ready, even on iOS and Android which I tested with an Arabic URL. Any idea
> on why is the delay in implementing Arabic URL by content providers
> (newspapers, etc.) ? People in the region prefer Arabic websites, so I am
> wondering what’s stopping content providers from having Arabic URLs.
> Also, anyone know if major portals, like Google or Yahoo, have implemented
> IDNs in any language for their URL ? Something like ياهو.شبكة  (which
> translates to Yahoo.net , as I cannot find an equivalent to .com as an
> Arabic TLD).
> Best Regards,
> Ahmed Abu-Abed
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