[menog] New Arabic TLD and idea's popularity

Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Mon Oct 28 18:09:24 UTC 2013

Steve, you make very valid points. In fact, many who are opposing the New
gTLD program concept mark the program as a failure for the exact reasons you
mention in your email.


As for the point on the “10 years too late”, well, the Internet in the MENA
region was still something new, penetration rates were extremely low, and
connectivity prices were VERY high. In Jordan, my monthly subscription for a
512 K ADSL connection back in 2006 was around USD 70. Today, I pay USD 10
for a 1 MB connection.




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Not wishing to sound skeptical, but isnt this all coming about 10 years too
late and thats the reason for the lack of adoption?


The device of choice is a smartphone or tablet, these are app and icon


Being old fashioned I still use a computer but mostly find things, even
common websites by inputting the common name into a search bar (or browser
bar - Chrome doesnt distinguish) and the result is a clickable list of
search results, which will be in the local script and language. 


eg the average user never inputs urls anyway, but when they do they likely
input arabic text directly to the browser for a search term and get a list
of website titles and then click them. they dont pay attention to the
underlying URL that much any more


Compare to this address books on mobile phones. In the 90s I could tell you
anyone's phone number from memory, now I know maybe my own and my Mums and
thats about it..







On 28 October 2013 08:38, Ahmed Abu-Abed <ahmed at tamkien.com> wrote:

The Arabic version of "net" would come at the beginning of the domain name,
as we don't have an equivalent of "www". Thus in Oman's case it would still
end in .oman in Arabic.


IMO, as techies we may not be the best ones to judge which is better, ie. to
keep an equivalent of www or drop it. The domain name's marketing staff
should decide on this, with the aim of gaining more interest to their
website if promoting an Arabic IDN. Registrar's may provide both options to
their customers to encourage Arabic IDN adoption.




On 2013-10-28, at 8:05 AM, Timothy Roy <Timothy at tra.gov.om> wrote:

I believe that the Arabic version of net would cause more confusion. I think
that keeping simpler is better. I know that here in Oman we have been
pushing and promoting the .oman(Arabic) IDN quite extensively. 


I also believe that for an organization to actually have the Arabic content
and URL they need to access their market. If they want to reach or promote
their business to the MENOG regions (or regions of their specific country)
that have a lesser comprehension of English language then they should go for
it.  As a registry we are trying to promote it but it is mainly up to the
Registrars to promote it to obtain more business in this field of domain


My quick observations.


Best Regards


Timothy Roy

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I agree, the term “www” may seem redundant at first look, but it certainly
indicates what is coming next is a web site. In other words, it is like a
“Mr.” or “Dr.” title that give you a rough idea of the person you are
referring to. 

Should we have an Arabic “www” equivalent to grab peoples attention to
Arabic IDN ? Something like نت  (translated into “net”) so instead of
عمان.الاردن  the website owner should promote   نت.عمان..الاردن 


This will likely get more attention to Arabic IDNs.


My 0.02 Dinar thoughts ...





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I have actually seen Arabic URLs posted in public areas in the UAE, yet it
is not gaining the marketing advantages it seeks.


There have been discussions within New gTLD applicants on whether to
encourage New gTLD registrants (once these new gTLDs are delegated and are
generally available) to advertise their online presence using “www” in front
of the URL or not; i.e. www.menog.anything vs. menog.anything. For those who
might not know, the inventor of the term “www” in front of URLs has admitted
that such an addition was a mistake in the first place. Yet, after thorough
discussions, those involved have concluded that in order for people to
understand what menog.anything is, it is best that “www” is added in front
of the URL for advertising purposes. I believe this to be the case for IDNs
we well; i.e. some just don’t understand what مثال.اختبار is.


My 2 cents.




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Hi Tom,


Country code TLDs have been available since 2010 for 4 Arab countries at
least. Unfortunately its not on most peoples priority list for implementing,
and I have not noticed any advertising for an Arabic URL over the past
couple of years (I live in the MENOG region).


As for CloudFlares IDNs, it would be good to filter out which are using the
Arabic alphabet and know how many Arabic IDNs are actually out there. That
would require a good understanding of Punycode used to translate an IDN into
Latin characters.






From: Tom Paseka <mailto:tom+menog at cloudflare.com>  

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Hi Ahmed, 


I've had a look through CloudFlare's customers and we see thousands of
IDN's, but this is nothing compared to what exists in pre-existing romanized


For a pre-existing company to move to a IDN, or any new domain in general,
they have to revamp their presence, re-market to everyone to make sure they
visit the correct address. I assume this isn't an easy task. 


I suspect you'll see new starters coming out from the get-go with an IDN,
but it'll take a while for the existing content to start adoption.





On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 1:54 AM, Ahmed Abu-Abed <ahmed at tamkien.com> wrote:

ICANN is in the news with the new شبكة  TLD, see


I am yet to see Arabic TLDs widely implemented, although most browsers are
ready, even on iOS and Android which I tested with an Arabic URL. Any idea
on why is the delay in implementing Arabic URL by content providers
(newspapers, etc.) ? People in the region prefer Arabic websites, so I am
wondering what’s stopping content providers from having Arabic URLs.


Also, anyone know if major portals, like Google or Yahoo, have implemented
IDNs in any language for their URL ? Something like ياهو.شبكة  (which
translates to Yahoo.net , as I cannot find an equivalent to .com as an
Arabic TLD).


Best Regards,

Ahmed Abu-Abed


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