[menog] MENOG directory???

Arash Naderpour arash_mpc at parsun.com
Tue Apr 22 07:47:33 UTC 2014



Got below email from “IGF Secretariat” asking me to contact Menog directory for more clarification (I requested them to unsubscribe me from their list as I have no interest on it).

Not sure what is it all about, but I enjoy following the MENOG mailing list but I’m not interested in other lists at the moment. Does anyone knows if we can manage it?






From: IGF Secretariat [mailto:secretariat at persianigf.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 5:22 PM
To: 'Arash Naderpour'
Subject: RE: [menog] اعلامیه: MAG پارسی زبانان آغاز بررسی اولیه و ارسال پروپوزال (گروه های ذینفع – دولتها)/Announcement: Persian MAG Initial Screening and Application Submission


Dear Mr. Naderpour,


Good morning,


The Persian IGF secretariat is sending the email announcements to the mailing list of Menog, your email address is found in the Menog mailing List.


If you wish to unsubscribe or you need more clarifications please contact the Menog directory.


Sorry for the inconvenient. 


Best Regards,

Persian IGF Secretariat | PersianIGF | secretariat at persianigf.org <mailto:secretariat at persianigf.org>  | www.PersianIGF.org <http://www.persianigf.org/>  


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