[menog] New content on RIPE Labs

MENOG Secertariat menog at ripe.net
Mon May 30 13:35:54 UTC 2016

Dear all,

A lot has been published on RIPE Labs just before and during the RIPE
Meeting last week. Here are some of the recent articles. Many thanks to
those who made RIPE Labs buzzing during the RIPE Meeting!


1. Rene looked at IPv4 transfers again to see if the trend continued and
if the inter-RIR transfer policy had an effect.

2. Rene also looked at the RIPE NCC membership growth. Was it affected
by the Executive Board's resolution preventing multiple LIR accounts?

3. Daniel sifted through piles and piles of RIPE Atlas data and detected
some interesting patterns.

4. Another group of researchers (including Emile) used RIPE Atlas to
detect network disruptions. They developed a mechanism that allows to
clearly locate performance degradation in order to fix connectivity issues.

5. Stephane Bortzmeyer also used RIPE Atlas debug connectivity problems

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