[menog] MENA input needed (IXPs and IPv6)

Michael Oghia mike.oghia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 11:38:15 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is currently seeking input on its Best
Practice Forums (BPFs). I personally volunteer with and contribute to the
BPF on Internet exchange points (IXPs) and the BPF on Internet Protocol
version 6 (IPv6).

The BPFs collect best practices, perspectives, experiences, and suggestions
from individuals and organizations from around the world in order to help
shed light on a specific topic -- in this case, how to create a better
environment for IXP and IPv6 expansion and development.

*What is significantly lacking in the documents, however, are perspectives
from the MENA region.* If anyone has experience with IXPs and/or IPv6, I
encourage you to submit comments, add to the text, or get involved in the

To review the *IXP BPF document*, follow *this link*

To review and add input to the *IPv6 BPF document*, follow *this link*

I have CC'd Wim Degezelle (the consultant in charge of both BPF documents)
as well as Izumi Okutani (the MAG coordinator of the IPv6 BPF) who can
answer any questions you have.


Michael J. Oghia
iGmena <http://igmena.org/> communications manager
2016 ISOC IGF returning ambassador
Independent #netgov consultant & editor

Belgrade, Serbia
Skype: mikeoghia
Twitter <https://www.twitter.com/MikeOghia> *|* LinkedIn
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