[menog] SANOG 29 in Islamabad, Pakistan

Philip Smith philip at nsrc.org
Sat Nov 12 08:31:44 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

This may be of interest to several of you who participate in MENOG.

SANOG 29 is being held in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 23rd to 30th January
2017. The organising and programme committees, as well as the hosts,
would be delighted to hear from anyone who participates in MENOG and who
would be interested in coming to join or make a presentation at the
SANOG event.

The call for papers has been open for a fortnight or so now, if anyone
would be interested in contributing:


For more information about SANOG 29, please consult the website:


or contact me off-list for more information.

Many thanks!

(on behalf of SANOG CoreCom and the PC)

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