[menog] Massive DDoS attack in US came from botnet on IoT devices

Ahmed Abu-Abed ahmed at tamkien.com
Sat Oct 22 11:28:47 UTC 2016

News yesterday was that about half-million vendor specific IP cameras (hence IoT devices), home WiFi routers, DVRs, etc, were hijacked with a botnet to launch a massive DDoS attack on managed DNS provider Dyn in the US.

Temporarily unreachable were NYTimes, Amazon, Twitter, Paypal, among others. 

What's interesting in this is that the infected devices were likely running a non-desktop OS, hence a new DDoS threat vector specific to the massive population of connected IP devices (webcams, thermostats, smart kitchen appliances, etc).

More at https://goo.gl/9FpZgt 

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