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Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Wed Jul 22 07:54:16 UTC 2020

Friends and Colleagues,

ICANN Learn, the ICANN Online Learning Platform (OLP), has a course entitled “Constructive Dialogue” that you might find interesting.

The course will explore interpersonal communication techniques so that you may learn how to develop constructive dialogue. Within the context of the unique ICANN community, you will learn how to apply tools to ensure all persons feel heard, issues are narrowed, and conversations are productive. In this course, you will explore foundational concepts, work through examples, and have access to quick reference guides for you to put the tools learned here into action.

The course would need 60-90 minutes for completion, and is an excellent course for those who work in consensus-seeking working groups. While the examples shown in the course are ICANN related, understanding the underlying concepts makes the course findings applicable in non-ICANN related contexts.

You can access the course on ICANN Learn here >> https://learn.icann.org/. Go to Catalog >> Skill Building.

Happy learning!

Thank you,

Fahd Batayneh
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