[menog] hello dear network operators

VOLKAN KIRIK volkirik at yahoo.com.tr
Thu Sep 2 17:22:37 UTC 2021

dear vodafone turkei (AS15924) and global (as1273) operators

it was impossible to reach you via phone or email

please disable software buffers on your core/edge routers.

out-of-order packets are mostly dropped by CPEs and causes latency.

if i were you i would set 1packet for fifo, and 1kib for pcq, if you can 
not use hardware-only option (no software buffer)

we are experiencing jitter problems with your link.

thanks and regards

best wishes

2.09.2021 20:15 tarihinde VOLKAN KIRIK yazdı:
> do you optimize your network for VOIP, Gaming and other 
> latency-sensitive applications?
> IF yes do you disable software buffers
> # minimum latency used on my mikrotik Core router
> /queue interface set [find interface~"ether"] queue=only-hardware-queue
> /queue interface set [find interface~"sfp"] queue=only-hardware-queue
> /queue interface set [find interface~"wlan"] queue=only-hardware-queue
> I did not experience speed /performance degradation, but jitter 
> decreased to 0 ms.
> So I set queue-size to 1kib (minimum) for PCQ simple queues, too
> fyi, best regards and wishes.
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