[menog] etisalat ignoring abuse complaints?

Salman Al-Mannai SMANNAI at qtel.com.qa
Fri Feb 19 16:48:15 GMT 2010

Hi Bashar, it has been a long time.

I wonder if someone has come up with a process model to treat such complaints, if there is an abuse there is a problem to be treated, and most likely it may lead to legal complications if ignored.

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almost every ISP in the region has this unfortunately, either mailbox is
full or totally ignored.

this is atleast the second ISP in the past month i hear about their
abuse@ is full.

I Wonder when ISPs wil take email more seriously like how they deal with
phone call reports.

Jim Mercer wrote, On 02/19/2010 10:01 AM:
> this is what i got back after emailing to abuse at nic.ae
> -------
> Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:
>    Recipient address: abuse5 at ies.etisalat.ae
>    Reason: Mailbox too large
> -------
> either the mailbox size is too small, or there were an inordinate number
> complaints in the last day or so, or etisalat is just ignoring complaints.
> it would be nice to know which if these it is.

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