[menog] Microsoft offered $7.5M for Nortel's IPv4

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Tue Mar 29 07:03:25 GMT 2011

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 01:40:14PM -0700, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Of course, what happens when one attempts to connect one of these other
> private internets to the IANA/RIR/RFC cooperating internet is rather vague
> and undefined and I leave speculations about such as an exercise for the
> reader.

Absolutely. If Microsoft announce the routes, and people accept them, then
everything else is irrelevant.

Should ARIN decide to reallocate the block(s) to someone else - well,
Microsoft can fight it out in the courts.  That will probably cost less than
the $7.5m reportedly paid already.

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